La La Piano Bar Singers Soho

David Roper is a composer, musical director and singer in London. David is also our Creative Director and a host pianist. David is best known for being one quarter of the fabulous quartet '4 Poofs and a Piano', the famous house band on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC 1 from 2000 to 2009.


We've had over 200 open mic singers and songwriters performing and showcasing their talent at La La gigs in Soho, Central London:

Abigail Hercules, Duane Gooden, Stephen De Martin, Kenny Thompson, Grace Madeline Bird, Bernadine Pritchett, Bindy Baker, Renato Cordeiro, Chantal Santos, Marcus Valance, Rebecca Cole, Blue Croon's Simon Lawrence & Matthew Eglinton, Sarah Glayzer, Eddie Elliot, Fintan Shevlin, Chris Stubbs, Michael Stubbs, Brian Gannon, Tom Slater, Frank Mier, Trudi Styles & Colin Blanchflower, Jamie Watson, Red Gray & Marcia, Adam Betteridge, Gerry McCrudden, Izzy Mackenzie, Phil Palmer, Kate Stevenson, Christopher Bartlett, Andrew G Riera, James Fletcher, Catherine Milsom, Johnny Bar, Craig Lewis Garner, Rowan Dixon, Hilary Palmer, Kitty La Roar, Nick Shankland, Shena Winchester, Menno Kuijper, Dani Gallagher, Anjelo Leeson, Cassie Melvile-Baruc, Tom Barnwell, Erin Mortimer, Jazz Morley, Juliet Prague, Sarah Swingler, Rebecca Thorn, Pawel Jakulski, Anjelo Leeson, Laura Coard, Kayleigh An Strong, Andrew Whiteman, Sarah-Ann Cromwell, Dale Rapley, Carly Thoms, Charlotte De Paeztron, Jen Armstrong, Kate Stevenson and many others.