The Best Private Party Ideas in Soho!

Everyone loves to gatecrash a private party…especially this one! La La's is like the best private party idea in Soho, with all those personal touches you love, but hey - this time you’re definitely on the guest list. La La’s is a cross between the famously cool salon clubs of New York, and the atmospheric underground cabaret bars of Berlin. A very exciting and unique New York style piano bar event that has been wowing audiences for two years in the West End and now you can bring it to your own event or special occasion.


Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to music lovers and their friends and families. We accomplish this: by creating unique entertainment events; delivering personable and memorable private and corporate parties; offering a platform for new and established performers to showcase their talent;


To bring our unique entertainment events to audiences across the UK and Europe. To create a global brand that is synonymous with fun, excitement, good times and wonderful memories.


La La Piano Bar started as a one off event in Covent Garden, London and over the past two years established itself as a 'Night not to be missed'. Our live entertainment nights are based on New York style piano bars and La La Piano Bar brings a fun packed evening, getting everyone’s tonsils around great songs from across the musical spectrum in a unique night.

Singing with live piano feeds the soul and gives us a sense of belonging as well as ensuring everyone has a memorable night out.